Where’s My Parade?

I am here to help you Find Your Parade!

Mardi Gras is over for this year, but I will be ready and willing to help you in 2015!  Until then, I will keep you entertained with lots of food!  That’s right.  FOOD!

Here are some thoughts from my last trip to the quarter.

It was so full I couldn’t take a proper photo so I have none to show booooo!

I still haven’t figured out my new camera. I’ll have to do a tutorial online tonight or just return the fecker tomorrow ‘cos it just does not want to take actual photographs. Out of pressing the button, say 30 times, one photo might be captured. I’m not that tech-savvy-poor for crying out loud, although I will bow and admit later that I wasn’t ‘pressing the button right’ or something if that’s what it comes down to. I just hope I can return the yoke if needs be! Plus it’s a bit bulky to carry around in a clutch purse.

The Bourbon Street crowd were young arty types. Lots of pretty young things. And when I say pretty young things I mean pretty hipster boys if Irish hipsters embrace the mainstream. They might have gone full circle at this point.

Way more importantly, the champagne was deliciiiiiiiiiiious!

My friend Shawn made an appearance. I love her. She’s just fun, and really down to earth. I met her years before, in balcony on Bourbon Street of all places. Didn’t know who she was at the time, mind. Lots of haters out there for Shawn, but I defy anyone to talk to her and not think she’s great. Haters gonna hate!

We scootled off after in search of a mid-week treat, and ended up back in Jackson Square at Margarittaville. It’d be the amazing cocktails that bring me here if anything, heh heh, but from now, the food has me hooked as well!

We ordered and it was all fantastic. The weather, the staff, the atmosphere…Despite some well known theatre actress sitting next to us desperate for attention from everyone on the terrace. I pity the fool! Shawn wouldn’t carry on like that. Jus’ sayin’.